When it comes to the trading aspect of Seekers of Tokane, only Prime (NFT) items can be sold, which include:

Nefties: The magical creatures that will fearlessly accompany you on epic adventures and battle under your command to defeat opponents across multiple games.

Neftie Eggs: These can be seen as loot packs containing one randomly selected Neftie from a list.

Chest Eggs: These are loot packs of consumables that you can acquire in-game and choose to sell if you desire.

Consumables: In the future, players will be able to collect ingredients and resources from the lands of Tokane to craft powerful consumables that can be sold on the market.

Cosmetics: These include items for player avatars, or Nefties, as well as emotes.

Aurorians: This is a limited-supply collection of playable characters that serves as a status symbol, grants access to cost reductions, and increases rewards. Some game activities will be exclusive to Aurorian holders.

Lands: Players will be able to buy and sell lands. Once this feature is ready, the benefits that owning land provides will be communicated in more detail.

Each of these tradable items creates opportunities to strategize and specialize in different aspects of the game, from training Nefties to crafting and trading consumables. This creates a diverse and dynamic, player-driven economy.

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