Seekers of Tokane

Seekers of Tokane is an immersive JRPG in which you embark on a thrilling journey through diverse landscapes, each brimming with wondrous creatures known as Nefties. These magical beings are yours to collect, train, and trade as you navigate and battle your way through the universe of Aurory. Your adventure will start in the village of Blanche. Here, you'll give your character a cool look thanks to numerous customization options.

The game will feature multiple villages, which are communal places where players can meet and socialize. Each village will host events and tournaments where the best players can earn exclusive rewards. This is a game that combines exploration and battles, as well as encounters with other players and strategy, for a well-rounded, rewarding, and captivating gaming experience that taps into players' desires for progression, collection, and social interaction.

Explore Procedural Lands

Every adventure in the captivating lands of Tokane is a unique player experience through randomly generated maps in which you explore, battle Nefties, and can acquire valuable loot.

Collect and Train Nefties

Nefties are the native inhabitants of Tokane. These magical creatures will fearlessly accompany you on your adventures and battle under your command to defeat opponents. Level them up to make them even stronger using the amplifier.

Fight in Blitz Battles

Strategize and carefully think about all of your options before committing to them in this exciting 1-on-1 Neftie showdown. Mastering Blitz Battles will be the key to success in your journey through the lands of Tokane.

Participate in Events

Fun activities will be available in both single and multiplayer modes, and the village of Blanche serves as a social hub where players can interact with one another. Check out our events page for more information on previous and upcoming events.

Release Structure

Seekers of Tokane is a live game with content that will be deployed in many phases, with the first phase already having been released in May. In the current version, players will be able to venture outside of the village, explore procedural lands, and defeat enemies in roguelike gameplay. An upgrade to a new battle system called Full Blitz is also included, which allows players more dynamic control of their Nefties’ actions in Blitz Battles. The complete gameplay experience will consist of everything previously mentioned, in addition to a full storyline with quests, all the biomes, cosmetics, land ownership, resource collection, crafting, and more.

Learn more about Seekers of Tokane here.

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