The Amplifier

The amplifier, which can be found right next to the incubator, will allow you to level up Nefties by using other Nefties of the same species. This feature not only introduces a new progression path but also serves as a mechanism to reduce the circulating supply of Nefties. It's important to note that the enhancement of Nefties through this feature will significantly improve their in-game performance without any impact on their rarity. This ensures a balanced and fair gameplay experience for all players without changing rarity distribution. Neftie progression is capped at level 30, and the maximum stats that can be reached will depend on the level 1 stats of a Neftie.

Note: The Target Neftie is the one you want to level up, and the Source Neftie is the one that gives its XP to the target Neftie by transcending the physical realm and returning to the wild, unable to be recaptured. NFT Neftie XP will reset upon Desyncing or selling, so be careful amplifying the Nefties you plan on trading!

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