1. PvE Blitz Battles

Crystals and Standard or Prime eggs can be earned by defeating wild Nefties in PvE Blitz Battles.

  1. PvP Blitz Battles

Players match up with others in ranked 1v1 battles and earn OKA for ranked wins as long as their Prime Neftie has Okanergy. Once a Neftie is out of OKAnergy, you can keep playing with it, but it will earn TOKE instead of OKA until the OKAnergy counter resets at the end of the day. Standard Nefties earn TOKE for winning ranked matches. OKA and TOKE get converted each week into $AURY.

  1. Village Social Activities

Villages will offer fun activities to be played solo or in teams. Some events will be organized around the activities to reward the winners.

  1. Crystals

Crystals can be looted from plants that are scattered across lands.

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