Originating from the blockchain as a harmonizing force for the inhabitants of Tokane, Nefties are magical beings that wander freely throughout the world. These remarkable creatures lend assistance to the people of Tokane in various tasks and have been tamed to such an extent that they actively partake in the nation's celebrated sport, Blitz Battles. Harnessing $AURY, they amplify their element-based abilities to astonishing effect, unleashing devastating forces upon their opponents.

Neftie DNA

Nefties are the first DNA-based NFTs on Solana, meaning the real stats are derived from their DNA instead of being stored as distinct NFT metadata. The main reason for this is that Aurory NFTs are multi-game assets and thus not bound to one particular game. Another important reason is that it allows us to easily change the stat range of Nefties without having to remint or modify emitted NFTs, hence making balancing games much easier. The actual stats are derived from an open-source SDK that allows the DNA to be converted into Neftie stats.

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