The DAOry is a community hub comprised exclusively of Aurorian holders. It’s a fun place to hang out, but that’s not all it is; the DAOry helps support Aurory by increasing its brand awareness. The DAOry accomplishes this autonomously through community initiatives and proposals, community marketing on social media, and partnerships with other project teams and their communities.

At the helm of the DAOry organization are nine council members who are voted in by the community every six months. The job of the council is to discuss ideas brought up by the community and ultimately bring them to an official proposal that all Aurorian holders can vote on (1 Aurorian = 1 vote). Councilors also play an important role in overseeing the DAOry’s treasury, which is one of the most funded DAO treasuries on Solana.

In the first term, councilors focused primarily on creating a framework for initiatives, proposals, voting, and so forth, so that future councilors would have a proper foundation to stand on when executing on ideas that the community has. In the second term, councilors were focused on conservative treasury management while trying to put capital to work, such as by staking $AURY and $SOL. Now, in its third term, the DAOry council is looking to be a bit more risk-on with the treasury while still remaining fairly conservative. This is being done through initiatives such as using the treasury to hire a social media manager for the DAOry Twitter account. In the future, the DAOry may participate in VC seed rounds and/or alternative investment choices to grow the treasury, do giveaways, and possibly try all sorts of other ideas. One idea in particular that is gaining traction within the council is to create an esports brand. Whatever happens, the community always comes first; all ideas are discussed by Aurorian holders prior to being realized.

For more information on the DAOry, please visit the official DAOry website.

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