Off-Chain Currencies

OKA and TOKE are non-tradable, off-chain sub-currencies. They are used to determine the amount of $AURY we distribute to players based on how much effort they put into games and their performance.

OKA is the sub-currency used to reward players for ranked PvP wins in Seekers of Tokane as long as their Prime Nefties have OKAnergy points.

TOKE is used as a sub-currency to reward players for ranked PvP wins in Seekers of Tokane with Nefties that have run out of OKAnergy points or Standard Nefties.

As of now, OKA represents 90% and TOKE 10% of the weekly $AURY pool. This ratio is subject to change, as are the opportunities to earn OKA/TOKE. For more details on the weekly $AURY pool, refer to this article.


The goal of crystals is to allow all players to progress and buy items without the need to have $AURY or USD. They will be used throughout our ecosystem for purchases, mostly concerning Standard (off-chain) assets, and can be used to hatch eggs, amplify Nefties, purchase items from merchants (when available), participate in tournaments, access certain fee-based game modes, and buy cosmetics in the shop. Crystals are an off-chain currency and do not hold any value outside of the game they're in. You can earn crystals by exploring lands, battling wild Nefties, completing quests (when available), and participating in events.

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