$AURY is the native token of the Aurory ecosystem, meaning it will be the utility token of every game and product we ship.

Aurory’s ecosystem uses an innovative main token with an in-game sub-currency balancing system instead of a two-token design that can be found in other Web3 games, where the token for game currency and rewards is inflationary and the limited supply token is for governance.

We feel that these systems segregate the player and investor bases into camps that don’t always have each other’s interests at heart. Dual-token designs with an infinite reward supply can also create just as many balancing issues, especially when their use cases start to expand. They also do not necessarily prevent the governance coin’s value from falling, since investors will ultimately value it based on the success of the in-game economy (which uses the reward token). We also favor a single main token design because we believe that the game's players, or those who use the token in the first place, should have a voice. This reinforces our belief that the community is paramount and should be rewarded accordingly with the main utility token.

$AURY Use Cases

  • All trading on the Aurory marketplace is settled in $AURY.

  • Players can pay a fee in $AURY to hatch Prime eggs, giving them a new Neftie that can be used to earn rewards for winning battles and progressing in-game.

  • Buying Crystals with $AURY gives players a discount as opposed to using stablecoins or fiat. Crystals are a soft-currency used for hatching Standard eggs, buying cosmetics and consumables, and used to level up your Nefties via the Amplifier.

  • $AURY will be used as an entry fee to access tournaments and exclusive game modes with significant rewards.

  • Once our full economic loop is live and the supply of $AURY becomes more widely distributed, $AURY holders will have a voice in certain game-development decisions.

  • Additional use cases will go live over time.

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