Eggs and Hatching

Neftie eggs are prized and coveted across their native biomes and can be hatched using The Incubator. They are scattered all over Aurory, with different eggs appearing in the various biomes. They can be found in earned in PvE battles, bought from the marketplace, or found by sending Aurorians on Expeditions. Just treat them with care; you never know what might be inside...

Incubator Rarity Distribution

Our Incubator system will directly address the skew in rarity distribution by using a controlled-random formula to first decide the rarity of the Neftie being hatched and then generate a random combination of stats within that rarity range. This same system will also be used for generating items in-game that have rarities associated with them. Hatching an egg will give you an NFT Neftie with a unique set of stats, meaning you'll have the chance to obtain a Neftie of any rarity. Hatching a Prime egg requires an $AURY fee, which will dynamically fluctuate with the price of $AURY and crystals, while Standard Neftie eggs can be hatched by paying a fee in crystals only. Nefties can also be bought directly from our marketplace.

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