The Aurorians are a collection of 10,000 playable character NFTs representing the OG citizens of Tokane, each with a unique set of attributes.

In addition to their unique appearance, they provide holders with a plethora of advantages and perks in and out of our games.

These benefits consist mainly of:

• Early access to future game modes and land sales.

• Voting rights in the DAOry decision-making process.

• The ability to send Aurorians on timed expeditions where they have the opportunity to earn $AURY tokens and other rewards.

• A 10% boost on $AURY earnings at the time of the weekly distribution if players held at least one Aurorian in SyncSpace during that entire week.

Art Upgrade

One of the most anticipated events for Aurorian holders is the art upgrade. Our art director, Yann Penno, will be remastering the Aurorian art to make traits more appealing and overall make the entire collection more closely tied to in-game lore. The upgrade is planned to be optional for holders. More details will be shared in the near future!

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