Thanks to our unique method of distributing $AURY, we can monitor and maintain optimal control over the distribution of $AURY depending on a multitude of parameters. Thus, unlike almost all P2E projects, we know at all times exactly how many tokens will be distributed and can work to avoid hyperinflation. Web3 games experienced unprecedented enthusiasm in 2021. Led by the success of Sky Mavis with their game Axie Infinity, the entire ecosystem quickly iterated on the fabulous promise that is “Play-to-Earn”. Unfortunately, due to the premature nature of this model, we have seen too many projects disappear just as quickly as they appeared. For those who managed to survive, the majority experienced a period of euphoria with price spikes (tokens and NFTs), but none were able to develop a sustainable Web3 economy and gaming experience. Unfortunately, too many “projects” only aim to dump their tokens on thrill seekers with the promise of “easy” money. These models, which always need more invested players, are rarely based on a fun game. The attraction often comes only from the promises of realizable gains on the platform, but the gains for some essentially mean losses for others, and when there are no more new “players”, the scheme collapses.

At Aurory, we aspire to do more for the ecosystem and rewrite the story of Web3 gaming. With our long-term vision in mind, we work tirelessly to provide the right content for everyone, whether they are familiar with the crypto universe or not, whether they are a degen or F2P gamer, a mobile gamer, or prefer PC. Everything we do, we do in order to serve our long-term vision, and after much discussion and research on the subject, we have decided that the term “Play-to-Earn” does not correspond with the direction we have decided to follow with Aurory. Indeed, "Play-to-Earn" refers to the fact that players play in order to earn money or even to generate a salary, but we do not think there is a way to make this sustainable, which is why we have decided to introduce a new term, “Play-And-Own”, which corresponds much better with our ethos. This may seem trivial, but for us, it means a lot. It means that people don't come to us for the purpose of earning a salary; they play our games because the games are good, and as a bonus, they will own their assets, be they consumables, skins, Nefties, etc.

Syncspace is an important part of this plan. With this new paradigm and the technologies we have developed and continue to develop, we are ready to introduce the notion of ownership to gamers in the Web2 world, and at the pace we are moving forward, we are confident in our ability to soon provide frictionless onboarding to non-crypto players. Whether we are in a bull or bear market, we will be there to build.

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