Procedural Lands

One of the most exciting features we have in Seekers of Tokane is Procedural Lands! This system will ensure that every adventure is unique while players earn loot and defeat wild Nefties in Blitz Battles. Lands generally fall within a specific biome category. Each biome shares similar landmarks, architecture, and Nefties that are native to it. Even so, while the common traits of Tokane’s biomes make them recognizable, there are unique secrets left to discover and new lands that may not yet be known…

Land Ownership

Each of Tokane's six biomes is made up of thousands of land parcels on which crystals, eggs, and other items can be earned. Each plot will be represented by an NFT that allows players to own a piece of the world and enjoy the multiple benefits that flow from it. We can't share an ETA on the land sales currently, but we look forward to releasing this exciting feature in the future!

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