As you explore the vibrant world of Tokane, you will encounter a wide variety of Nefties that you can attempt to collect through acquiring and hatching eggs and collectibles that you can loot. The thrill of discovery and the desire to complete a collection will encourage you to continue exploring and playing. In Blanche and other locations, you'll have the chance to gather unique items through various activities. These items might be cosmetic, adding flair to your characters or Nefties, or they could contribute to the progression of Nefties by enhancing their abilities and skills.

Interacting with non-playable characters (NPCs) within the villages will provide another avenue for collection. By confronting or aiding these NPCs, you will be able to unlock different aspects of the game, which in turn gives you access to more collectible items.

The procedural lands will be treasure troves of collectible items, ingredients, and resources. You can gather these necessities not only for training Nefties (when available) but also for trading in the game's marketplace and crafting items. The loot system in these lands will operate under certain rules, which players will have to figure out on their own. This means that each player will have a unique experience and different loot depending on their exploration and interactions, adding another layer of excitement and strategy to collecting.

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