Aurory Tactics

Aurory Tactics is a PvP, timeline-based battle arena in which your team of three Nefties fights against an opponent’s team. The goal is to be the first to knock out all of your opponent's Nefties. Competition is fierce, so you'll want to find the right team composition that works for your playstyle and study their abilities to hold your own in the arena!

Currently, players can use on-chain Nefties hatched through the Incubator, or they can purchase them from our Marketplace. Matches are played on a battle grid, which contains scattered obstacles that impact mobility. Some Nefties will be able to jump or fly over these obstacles; others will have to go around them. There is also a battle-royale-style "danger zone" to encourage confrontation between opponents. After a while, cells on the sides will become dangerous to Nefties, dealing serious damage to those who end a turn on one. The effect will progressively spread to other cells!

Check out our detailed guide here for a deeper dive into Tactics.

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