Neftie rarity is represented by stars that can range from one to five. The number of stars that a Neftie has displayed on its NFT card will also represent the average stat range of that Neftie as well as the percentage chance that players will have to hatch a Neftie within that range. Rarity will play an important role in the future with the additional mechanics that are planned. Our design team is still polishing the exact form that these mechanics will take, but it is safe to say that rare Nefties will come in extra handy, although common Nefties will have a purpose as well!

While the majority of Nefties have a more common appearance specific to their species from the moment they hatch, a small fraction of these mysterious beings are true gems with exceptional visuals: Glitched and Shimmering Nefties. They are the most remarkable alternative forms discovered to date, and the exact cause behind these phenomena remains shrouded in mystery, but one thing is certain: these Nefties, with their extraordinary beauty, will delight the most passionate collectors. Their uniqueness and captivating charm make them among the most highly sought-after assets in Tokane.

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