When you embark on your adventure, you will adopt a unique creature known as a Neftie. It will be a treat to level up this Neftie, developing its abilities and skills through various in-game activities and challenges. This aspect of progression provides a satisfying sense of growth and mastery as you witness your creatures becoming stronger and more competent over time. With your Neftie, you will battle against wild Nefties or players and earn eggs, among other things. These eggs act like loot packs, each containing a random Neftie.

Nefties have an XP bar, allowing you to visualize and work towards its growth. There are two types of Nefties: Prime Nefties, which are NFTs that are tradable on the marketplace, and Standard Nefties, which are non-NFTs earned within the game. As you collect different species of Nefties, you can merge multiple of the same species to boost the XP, helping it level up.

In addition to Nefties, lands will also contain ability schemas for many different skills in the future. Players can hand these Neftie schemas over to an NPC who, in return for certain services and items from the lands, will teach them these skills. When Nefties reach the appropriate level, players can teach them these new skills, which they can then use in PvE and PvP battles to test their strength. To do this, players must assign a skill scroll to a Neftie in the same way they would consume a potion via the player's inventory. Each Neftie can learn up to five skills, and it is possible to replace one skill with a different one. To teach the same skill to another Neftie, players will have to provide the merchant with what he asks for once more in order to obtain the corresponding skill scroll.

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