Normal Abilities

Normal-type abilities are known to be simple and straightforward, with their sole focus being on generating hype, which is the resource Nefties use in battles for most of their actions.

Plant Abilities

Plant-type abilities master the art of healing and gradual weakening. Masters of plants are experts in nurturing themselves and their allies over time, steadily restoring health and gradually draining and disabling opponents.

Fire Abilities

Inner strength fuels fire-type abilities, which release explosive power through self-enhancement. Masters of Fire scorch foes with relentless force by amplifying future actions at the cost of burning their own status effects.

Water Abilities

Water-type abilities embody versatility and fluidity, excelling in reactive combat. Masters of water counter opponents' actions with precision, cleverly turning their strengths against them.

Lightning Abilities

Lightning-type abilities paralyze or stun opponents, delivering impactful attacks with superb hype efficiency. Masters of thunder also exhibit lightning-fast reflexes and superior dodging skills.

Earth Abilities

Earth-type abilities personify formidable strength and defenses, inflicting powerful earth-shaking attacks, sometimes at the cost of the Neftie's own safety. Masters of the earth element thrive on manipulating the battlefield, shielding themselves, and burying opponents to restrict their movement.

Wind Abilities

Wind-type abilities harness the power of disruption. With swift evasions and clever tactics, they gracefully alter the course of battle. Masters of wind are especially proficient at redirecting opponents' actions to other targets.

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