Does Aurory have a token?

Yes, $AURY is our ecosystem token, which can be used to unlock experiences across all games and dApps. It's available on both Solana and Arbitrum.

What is the purpose of $AURY?

$AURY is the native token of the Aurory ecosystem, which players can earn in our games, as well as through Expeditions. The Aurory marketplace is $AURY-driven, which means all trades are settled in $AURY. Players can also hatch eggs by paying a fee in $AURY to get new Neftie companions, and land sales will be based in $AURY. Once our full economic loop is live and the supply of the token becomes more widely distributed, holders will have a voice in game-development decisions, and additional use cases will go live over time.

How do I stake $AURY?

Visit our staking page, connect your Solana wallet, stake your desired amount of $AURY, and confirm the transaction. Make sure to have about 0.002 SOL for the transaction fee.

Why did I receive xAury when staking $AURY?

It's part of the staking process. When you unstake, you'll get your $AURY + the rewards. Do not send the xAury tokens to an exchange. You can read more about staking and xAury here.

Where can I find the tokenomics?

In our whitepaper.

What are OKA and TOKE?

The $AURY token has two of its own sub-currencies: OKA and TOKE. These sub-currencies behave as an accounting mechanism that allows the distribution of rewards generated by players (as off-chain values). Both tokens are automatically exchanged for a corresponding amount of $AURY. Read more about these tokens in our whitepaper.

When are the sub-tokens converted to $AURY?

Please check the countdown clock on your profile page on our website.

Is there an Aurory marketplace?

Yes! The $AURY-driven Aurory Marketplace enables players to exchange game assets and all sorts of items, such as Nefties, eggs, cosmetics, and more. Each sale on the marketplace will have a royalty fee of 5%. This fee will be distributed among the treasury and the DAOry.

What is the difference between Standard and Prime assets?

Standard assets are off-chain and easily accessible for any type of player, but they can’t be sold on our marketplace, whereas Prime assets are NFTs (on-chain) and can be sold on.

Do I have to deposit (sync) my items before I can sell them?

Yes, the marketplace is powered by SyncSpace.

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