Can I refer multiple players?

Yes, you can refer an unlimited number of players.

Can I refer a player who has already registered a wallet address that's been used to play the game?

No. Eligible referrals can only come from players who register with a new social account or a new wallet.

When does the 180-day bonus period start and end?

Invite codes have no expiration, but the referrer will stop receiving bonuses from a referral 180 days after they have redeemed that code.

Can I self-refer with an alt account/new wallet?

Any instance of multi-accounting for the sole purpose of abusing/farming in-game rewards or referral bonuses goes against our terms of use and warrants the removal of weekly rewards for the period of the offense. We will be monitoring closely for abuse.

Do referrals receive any kind of bonus or incentive for registering through an invite link?

Not in this first version, but we plan to add support for this in the future.

Can I get a bonus on my referral's bonuses?

No. You can only earn bonuses on your direct referral's weekly rewards.

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