Seekers of Tokane

What kind of game is Seekers of Tokane?

Seekers of Tokane is an immersive roguelite JRPG in which you embark on a thrilling journey through diverse landscapes, each brimming with wondrous creatures known as Nefties. These magical beings are yours to collect, train, and trade as you navigate and battle your way through the universe of Aurory.

Will there be a full release?

Seekers of Tokane is a live game that will be in live development over time, meaning you’ll see frequent updates and content continuously being added.

Are Blitz Battles pay-to-win?

Having strong Nefties will definitely help, but you will have to take much more into account than just Neftie rarity or level if you want to be victorious.

Will there be a matchmaking system based on rank for Blitz Battles?

Yes, there will be a rank-based matchmaking system in the future.

What can I earn in Seekers of Tokane?

Crystals and Prime or Standard eggs can be earned in the procedural lands, and sub-tokens that are converted to $AURY each week can be earned for ranked wins in PvP Blitz Battles with Prime Nefties.

What happens when my NFT Nefties run out of Okanergy?

You can still play with them as much as you want, but you will earn TOKE instead of OKA.

Where can I find a guide?

You can check out our Seekers of Tokane guide here.

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