What are Crystals?

Crystals are an off-chain currency that does not hold any value outside of the game they're in and allows players to progress and buy items. You can earn them by exploring lands, engaging in Blitz battles, completing quests (when available), sending Aurorians on expeditions, and participating in events. You can also purchase them with $AURY or $USDC in our shop.

What is the incubator?

You can use the incubator to hatch different types of eggs. Hatching them requires a fee in $AURY or Crystals; the $AURY fee is dynamic, which means it will be adjusted if needed. You can find the incubator in the Village of Blanche or on our incubator page.

What is the amplifier?

It's a machine that allows you to level up your Nefties. The Nefties used to level up will be released back into the wild, unable to be recaptured. This feature not only introduces a progression path but also serves as a mechanism to reduce the Neftie supply.

The XP obtained by the target depends on the XP, the asset type (Prime or Standard), Rarity, and Level of the Neftie that is used. For Nefties at levels 1 to 5, the amount of XP is the same for all rarities. Prime Nefties give out substantially more XP than Standard ones.


  • Standard and Prime Nefties cannot be mixed.

  • A Neftie is able to give more or less XP than it has, according to the rules above.

Can I use all Nefties to upgrade any species?

No, you will have to use Nefties of the same species.

Will the leveling up affect the rarity of Nefties?

The upgrading of Nefties through this feature will significantly improve their in-game performance without any impact on their rarity.

How will the stats increase?

Every time your Neftie goes up a level, its stats are boosted.

Are there any additional costs to level up my Nefties through the amplifier?

You will have to pay a fee in crystals that varies depending on the before and after level of the amplified Neftie. Amplifying with an already amplified Neftie will not result in getting back 100% of the XP on it.

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