What is SyncSpace?

SyncSpace is a hybrid on-chain/off-chain inventory system, and its main purpose is to minimize friction for users by limiting the number of blockchain interactions when interacting with our ecosystem. SyncSpace also allows for cross-chain interoperability. The two states that your items can be in are ‘’synced’’ and ‘’desynced’’. Synced items are the ones that are deposited using SyncSpace, where DeSynced are any assets that are not Synced (in an external wallet). You can read more on this in our SyncSpace article.

Where are my NFTs when they are Synced?

Synced NFTs are stored in the Aurory Vault. These items can be DeSynced and transferred to the owner's wallet address as long as they are not actively in use. Some items that are earned can be minted to the owner's wallet address by DeSyncing them. You can't see your SyncSpace items on Blockchain scans, as they are off chain.

Where can I find the token deposit option?

Visit your profile page by clicking on ''go to profile'' in the profile drop-down menu, and then click on the add/withdraw funds button.

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