Bloodstone M1 - March 14th, 2024

Village / Onboarding

  • A Billboard has been added at the entrance of the village. Consult it to find information on Seekers of Tokane at large, and how to play the game.

  • To celebrate St-Patrick’s day, the village has been decorated in the colors of the flag of Ireland.


  • Oka and Toke rewards are now visible in the PVP reward screen at the end of a battle

  • Okanergy balance is visible in the in-game Inventory page

  • Note that the total sum of Oka and Toke earned are not shown in-game, and only shown in the player profile on the web.


  • Reworked the Curse status effect. Reapplying Curse now increases the initial Curse damage by 50%. This effect can stack and does not reset Curse duration.


  • Raccoin

    • Raised Lucky Reflexes Hype cost from 2 to 3 Hype.

    • Raised Fired up Hype cost from 6 to 7 and dropped the second attack Power from 45 to 35.

  • Unika

    • Dropped Stone Skin's Hype cost from 4 to 3 Hype and raised the Defense buff from 1 to 2 stages.

    • Dropped Boulder Bash's Hype cost from 5 to 4 Hype.

  • Chocomint

    • Dropped Ether Whirlwind's Hype cost from 4 to 3 Hype.

    • Dropped Sun Blast's Hype cost from 10 to 9 Hype but also dropped the Power from 170 to 155 Power.

  • Block Choy

    • Raised Minty Protection's Shield from 10% max HP to 15% Max HP.

    • Dropped Strangling Root's Hype cost from 9 to 8 Hype.

  • Shiba Ignite

    • Dropped Aurany's Rage's Hype cost from 2 to 1 Hype

  • Cybertooth

    • Raised Zephyra's Protection's Shield from 15% max HP to 20% Max HP.

  • Number 9

    • Dropped Detonate's Curse Power from 35% of max HP to 30% of max HP.

  • Zzoo

    • Raised Energizing Reflection's Reflect from 25% to 30%.

  • Dracurve

    • Raised Thunder Scale's Hype cost from 3 to 4.

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