Bloodstone - February 19th, 2024

Cliff Egg Release

  • Three new Nefties (Shibark, Unikirin, Raccoin).

  • An increase in Cliff Egg drop rates during the first week.


  • Reduced the cost of Dipking’s Cleansing Wave from 3 to 2 Hype.

  • Reduced the cost of Dipking’s Riptide from 9 to 8 Hype.

  • Swapped Chocomint’s Thorny Riposte with Aqua Bolt.

Reworked the playable Dracurve’s moveset:

  • Draconic Roar now raises its attack and drops its defense for 1 turn. Then, it performs a melee attack of 20 Power.

  • Thunder Scale’s shield has been raised from 10% of max HP to 15% of max HP. The defense buff is also raised from 1 for 2 turns to 2 for 2 turns.

  • Thunderlord’s Rampage has been completely changed. it’s cost has been dropped from 7 to 6 and the effect goes as follows:

  • Perform a Ranged attack of 40 Power. If you have an active Shield, upgrade your Shield equal to 25% of your max HP for 2 turns and then perform a Ranged attack of 90 Power.

  • Wyrmshock has been replaced by Scorching Bite, a melee fire attack also used by it’s bigger counterpart, the Ancestral.

  • Aerial Slash remain unaffected.

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