Bloodstone - February 12th, 2024

Epic for all

  • Seekers of Tokane is now only playable via the Epic Launcher (Epic Game Store).

  • Seekers of Tokane can no longer be played in the web browser. (Tactics is not affected)

$AURY Rewards for all

  • Earn TOKE by playing Blitz PVP using Standard Nefties (or Prime Nefties that are out of Okanergy)

  • Earn OKA by winning Blitz PVP using Prime Nefties (as long as your first Neftie has Okanergy)

  • Aurorian Bonus of 10% to OKA and TOKE earned at the end of the week, at the Weekly AURY Distribution.

    • You need to have one Aurorian in SyncSpace for an entire week in order to qualify for the bonus.

New Features

  • Crystals you collect in lands will now be seen accumulating in the HUD.

  • While in the lands, you will be able to see other assets you’ve collected – like Eggs – by tapping the “Compass” button in the HUD.

  • You can now upgrade their Standard Nefties using the Amplifier tool.


  • Hatch the Draconic Egg to receive a new unreleased Neftie through our Dragon Event.

  • For a limited time, during the “Dracurve’s Awakening” event: face off against Elite and Ancestral Dracurves in the lands and earn exclusive rewards.


  • Rock Wall’s Hype Cost has been reduced from 5 to 4 and the shield value has been lowered from 25% max HP to 20%.

  • Bubblechain now reflects 65% damage instead of 75%.

  • Floran’s Mirror Hype Cost has been raised from 4 to 5.

  • Shattering Wind’s Power was been reduced from 120 to 105.

  • Catch Up Punch’s Power has been raised to 30.

  • Flowing Strike’s Power has been raised to 20.

  • Energetic Jab’s Power has been raised to 20.

  • Sapling Smack’s Power has been raised to 30.

  • Aerial Slash’s Power has been raised to 30.

  • Aqua Bolt’s Hype Cost has been raised from 0 to 1 and the Power has been raised to 30.

  • Dipking’s Cleansing Tide has been replaced by Cleansing Wave.

  • Reworded Reflect abilities descriptions.


  • New Meadows Biome.


  • Aurorians on Expeditions is now supported.


  • Earn two new awesome NFT collectibles by participating and achieving in the “Dracurve’s Awakening” event.

  • New updated icons in menu

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