Amber - December 19th, 2023

Economy update – TOKE is back!

  • TOKE is now the sub-token that is earned when you make transactions in $AURY:

  • 400 TOKE is awarded for hatching a Prime Egg in the Incubator.

  • Varying amounts of TOKE (see below) are awarded for purchasing Crystal packs.


  • 500: 10

  • 2750: 50

  • 8625: 150

  • 15625: 250

  • 32500: 500

  • 70000: 1000

  • To purchase Crystal packs, go to: https://app.aurory.io/buy-crystals.

  • Finally, the weekly AURY pool is now split 50:50 between OKA and TOKE sub-tokens.

Economy update – earn Crystals in Blitz PVP

  • When you play Blitz PVP with either Prime or Standard Nefties you will earn:

  • 15 Crystals for a win.

  • 2 Crystals for a loss.

  • Additional notes:

  • Crystal rewards do not appear in the Blitz Reward screen – instead, you will see them get added in the HUD when you are back in the village.

  • 150 OKA are also awarded for wins with Prime Nefties that have OKAnergy left.

  • OKA rewards do not appear in the Blitz Reward screen – instead, you will see them added to the Profile page (app.aurory.io/profile).

  • In a future release, we will make the rewards and Okanergy player facing.

Economy update – new Nefties will appear in the Quantum egg first

  • From now on, when new Nefties are introduced, they will initially appear in the Quantum egg for a limited time, before appearing in a different egg type later on.

  • As new Nefties are progressively added to the Quantum egg, older Nefties will be removed – this will result in the three latest Nefties always appearing in the Quantum egg.

  • Quantum eggs will only be available through Aurorians on Expeditions or on the Marketplace.

  • Quantum eggs will no longer be dropped in the Everlasting Lands.

Economy update – Nefties and Egg drops

  • In order to help you hatch the Nefties you are seeking to add to your collection:

  • If you defeat a given Neftie in the Everlasting Lands and they drop an egg, that egg will always be the same type that that Neftie can appear in.

  • If you defeat a new Neftie that is only available in the Quantum egg, they will drop a random egg type.

  • Once a new Neftie is added to its own egg type, that Neftie will then be able to drop the type of egg in which it appears.

Ranked-Based Matchmaking

  • Now, your historical results will help match you up against opponents in your skill range.

  • In a future release, we will make the player rank user-facing.

Private matches – challenge friends and other players in private duels

  • Now you can choose exactly who you face off against in Blitz.

  • Tap the “crossed swords” icon in the top right of the HUD in the village; a menu will open up where you can create a code and share it with a friend or another user in order to battle them.

  • Rewards are not awarded in private matches.

  • Ranking is not affected by the results of private matches.

Complete list of updates

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  • Cybertooth is now available as an encounter.

  • Cybertooth only appears in the Quantum Prime egg for now, and will appear in a Standard egg in the future.

  • If you defeat a Cybertooth in the Everlasting Lands and they drop an egg, it will be a random egg for a limited time – in the future, Cybertooth will drop an egg from which they can be hatched.


  • Added private matchmaking.

  • Player ranking has been incorporated into the matchmaking system.

  • Improved matchmaking status flow.

  • Added the Surrender option.


  • Introduced a new damage formula, damage output should now scale with levels.

Nefties stats

  • Reworked all Nefties' base stats, allowing more granularity and unique spreads.

  • Slightly reduced stat disparity between rarity tiers.


  • PVE Nefties ability selection improvements.

  • Dodges, reflects, and counterattacks now only trigger once per action.

Neftie's Moveset

  • Axobubble now has Volt Surge, a ranged lightning attack, instead of Deluge.


  • Reflect abilities now take Shields into account.

  • Animation flow for reflected projectiles has been improved.

  • Cleanse abilities have a new VFX for better legibility.

  • Vampiric Root’s heal now properly takes the health damage into account.

  • Detonate now deals 35% of the opponent's max HP instead of a flat 65 HP of true damage.

  • Fiery Rampage has been changed to a ranged attack and is now 60 Power instead of 50.

  • Marine Reversal's Hype cost has increased from 4 to 6, and the counterattack is now 75 Power instead of 40.

  • Putrid Vine's Hype cost has increased from 3 to 4.

  • Minty Protection's Hype cost has increased from 1 to 2.

  • Rock Wall's Hype cost has increased from 3 to 5.

  • Fixed Earthquake's move description.


  • Loading times greatly improved.

  • The levels of Nefties in the wild now appear above their heads, instead of the Neftie’s name.

  • Land Encounter improvements:

  • New encounter animations.

  • New UI upon encounter trigger.

  • Swapping Avatar/Aurorian when being pursued by a Neftie will temporarily disable all wild Neftie interactions.

  • Wild Neftie aggro state can be defused by opening menus.

  • AI ​​can now detect the player if he approaches from behind.


  • Audio is now muted during main loading screen.


  • SyncSpace support is now available for Aurorians on Expeditions.

  • Epic build: a new login flow was added to improve security.

  • Overall stability improvements with services communication.

  • Modals added to better explain what is happening when the player is unable to join a server, or when they get disconnected.

  • Removed old “Adventures” logo from the splash screen.

  • Fixed Neftie animations being played twice when switching tabs and selecting the same card.

  • Fixed Blitz confirm button that disappeared when performing “a click, drag and release” input.

  • Fixed player character moving when interacting with a UI element.

  • Fixed player character moving when scrolling through the chat box.

  • Fixed Aurorians not appearing in inventory if the sync to SyncSpace action is performed during the game session.

  • Fixed multiple localization typos.

  • Flame of Number 9 and Helios' VFX are now visible in inventory.

  • Added “Overalls Solo” and “Jean Jacket Solo” assets for Aurorians.

  • Added a background to “server will restart” message to make it more readable.

  • Added animated “Element” backgrounds to Nefties in the inventory.

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