Seekers of Tokane - November 22nd, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Accessing web apps via Kiosks/UI crashes title.

  • Amplified stats are not reflected in battle.

  • Aurorian 4776 texture in-game does not match portrait.

  • Disconnecting from a Land fails to display Land Failed messaging when relaunching build and returning to Village.

  • You currently do not own any Eggs message is displayed while an Egg NFT is present in the wallet.

  • You currently do not own any Aurorians message is displayed while an NFT is present in the wallet.

  • User's feet emit green clouds when walking in Ice biome.

  • User can walk through some large environmental objects in Ice biome.

  • Some trees lack textures in the Snow Biome.

  • Swamp and frog SFX can be heard in the Ice biome.

  • Retriggering wild Nefties' aggro state will display odd chase behavior.

  • If user interacts with Exit Portal, then 'Quit Land' button registers Land as completed.

  • Swapping between NFT Aurorian and Default avatar tabs, the avatar model flickers.

  • Portal 'shutdown' and 'startup' SFX are repeated each instance the player walks through the portal.

  • Players can get soft locked and experience a black screen when interacting with a wild Neftie.

  • Player can experience a crash when loading into a Land.

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