Seekers of Tokane - November 16th, 2023


  • The official name of Aurory Adventures is now Seekers of Tokane.

  • Avatar customization: meant for players who do not own an Aurorian, this feature allows you to create and customize your own avatar – your own Seeker.

  • Blitz Battle: Take control of your favorite Nefties in our improved battle system that lets you choose your actions – as opposed to the previous “auto battler” experience known as the “Speed Blitz”

  • Player versus Player (PVP): Challenge fellow players to a Blitz Battle.

  • Everlasting Lands: a single-player feature that generates a new level – or Land – every time you venture through the Portal in the Blanche village. In the Everlasting Lands you will battle Nefties in the wild and collect Crystals as well as Prime and Standard Eggs.

  • Crystals: a new “off-chain”, non-tradable in-game currency that can be earned while playing. Crystals can be used to purchase avatar cosmetic items, hatch Standard Eggs, and amplify Prime Nefties.

  • Standard Items – Standard Eggs and Standard Nefties: a new class of “off-chain” items that cannot be traded on the marketplace. Standard Eggs can be used in the Incubator to hatch Standard Nefties.

  • Amplifier: A new machine has come to the village! Use the Amplifier on your Prime Nefties to increase their level, boosting their in-game stats.


  • Initial loading into the Blanche village and the Eternal Lands can take several minutes. Once the content is loaded, your loading times should go down.

  • If the game stops responding, try refreshing the web page.

  • Numerous NFT Aurorians' skin tones are not consistent with Aurorian portraits.

  • Rewards and items in the Inventory are not instantly visible or accessible. It can sometimes take a few minutes before you see items you earned in the HUD or the Inventory.

  • Occasionally, the Crystal amount displayed on Rewards Screen will be inconsistent with Crystal amount received after completing the Land – or there will be no Crystals received at all.


  • The “Speed Blitz” auto-battler game with $AURY betting has been removed.

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